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Innovating NFT Ecosystems

NFT Creative Partners

Click to find out about partner projects and eligible policy IDs to redeem $NFTC every epoch

Enroll Your Project

Become a Rewards Partner project and provide many benefits to your holders

The Power of Partnership

Our 25+ partners work together to provide various unique web3 opportunities

$NFTC Coin

A regenerative and deflationary fungible token that can be leveraged by projects to add utility, increase longevity and build value for holders.

$NFTC can be used as a means of exchange for goods and services through web3 experiences.

$NFTC Mega Pass

  • Guaranteed whitelist on all projects minted with $NFTC
  • Claimable $NFTC rewards
  • $NFTC airdrops
  • Full server access
  • Staking program multiplier
  • Partner metaverse special access (TBA) and more!